Crispy-Topped Brown Sugar Bars

IMG_1668This recipe intrigued me…and apparently my tasters as well!

Everyone’s comments were the same,

  • “I have never tasted anything like this before”
  • “Well, do you like it?”
  • “I am still thinking about it, trying to figure it out…what the heck is on top…toffee bits, heath bar, nuts??”

It was funny how everyone had the same reaction!…and no one figured out the topping was caramelized rice crispy cereal! They all decided they loved the bars but I think the mystery of the flavors was what got them on this one.  The recipe seemed easy enough but actually gave me a little bit of trouble.  It says the dough is sticky and difficult to work with…I had a tough time “showing it who is boss” as the recipe told us.  The other problem I had was getting the chocolate to melt the way they said to do it in the recipe.  My chocolate wouldn’t melt…it just became grainy.  I had to scrape that off, which wasn’t difficult since it didn’t melt.  I melted chocolate in the microwave and then poured it on the crust.  I thought this was a much easier way and would do it that way again.

In my opinion, the caramelized rice crispy cereal really made this dessert.  It wasn’t hard to do and gave this cookie bar something unique…something to talk about 😉


Lemon Madeleines

photolmGiven our back to back lemon recipes, it is hard not to compare them…especially when the last one, “Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie”, got such high praise!

I was glad I got to use my madeleine pan again since that was one of the rare purchases I have made participating in this baking group.  I mean, I had to right…how can you bake madeleines without the correct pan! 🙂

These cookies were fairly easy and smelled great…the only complaint I have, is they were  pretty time consuming with all the “chilling” in the fridge and then after all that, you only have 12 cookies to show for it!  Seems to me most cookie recipes make a few dozen at least.  My tasters all thought the madeleines tasted like a piece of lemon cake with great icing.   I have used a sugar icing many times before, but I have never baked it on in a 500 degree oven.  I thought the finished product seemed similar to the icing on a glazed donut.

I am still waiting to try these since it is that time of year again…I have one in the freezer for after Easter.  All of my tasters enjoyed these and I am sure would love them again…but I am not sure…I guess I will have to wait until I try them to see what the final verdict is haha!!  Hopefully they freeze well 🙂


Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie



This baking with two cookbooks is getting a bit tricky with the scheduling…especially with some of the recipes having an “eat when assembled” direction.  It is hard to pull it off with my baking and then the texting to my tasters. 🙂  Thankfully, everyone was on board with probably picking this one up about 8pm.

This recipe was a pretty easy one actually…made in three parts: the lemon curd, phyllo crisps, and then the meringue.  My tasters were all very intrigued by this one and anxious to try it…even driving over at 8pm haha!

It did not disappoint…I think their texted responses say it ALL:

“That was out of sight.  It’s my number 1 dessert so far!  I liked the crunchy part!  FANTASTIC”

“Wow!! That was sooo good!  We really enjoyed every bite!!!”

“Very good!!!  Love the crunchy pieces and the lemony filling is really refreshing…like a crunchy lemon bar”

My husband ate his piece and agreed with my Dad, his #1 dessert we have made in over 3 years…up there with the Tropical Napoleans!  We were already trying to figure out when I could make this again and for what gathering!

So, based on the ease of this recipe, and everyone’s overwhelming love of this recipe, I can say pretty confidently it will be made again…This One Is A Keeper!!