Soy-Sauce Eggs and Sticky Rice

I changed this recipe just a bit…

We are suppose to marinate a raw egg yolk over night in soy sauce and mirin and although the overall dish sounded good, I just can’t eat a raw egg. 😳🤦‍♀️. Soooo, I went searching for a good alternative and came up with Momofuku’s Soy Sauce Eggs which are fairly similar, but are a soft boiled egg.

Dorie describes this dish as being rich and very delicious…one you will want everyday.

The base is a sticky rice (I used brown) mixed with some butter and sesame oil. That is topped with the marinated egg yolk…in my case, the soy marinated soft boiled egg. We are told there are no rules here, that we can use add-ins as we want. I used some torn seaweed and avocado..and actually some salmon and the other half of egg as well. The whole thing is given a sprinkling of soy sauce.

This was utterly delicious! I don’t know what to say other than Dorie was right…it is rich and delicious and you will want it everyday. 😂

This one was a keeper for us!


Well…the Macaron can be a humbling bake. 🤦‍♀️

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull this one off as you might remember I have been without an oven for about 2 months. I thought these might be a stretch to pull off baking somewhere else.

Good news is, my oven finally came, and even though my macarons don’t look the part…they were delicious!

This was my second time baking macarons as we had previously baked them for our cookbook, Baking Chez Moi. I had some success that time as I got a smooth top and a decent foot. This time…ugh. Made them a bit smaller on my template by accident, so that wasn’t good and then my meringue was not smooth…which just makes things go poorly. My boiling sugar water just did not mix in well. I could just hear them in the tent on the Great British Baking Show, they would have started over…just didn’t have the room temp eggs to give it another go.

Soooo…I got some good lift, a good foot..but a weird top. I had already made the Spiced Cookie Filling with Biscoff cookies so I just went with it and hoped they tasted better than they looked. I figured my family doesn’t care what they look like haha.

These were a huge winner in the taste category! Everyone LOVED the spiced cookie filling. That seemed to be a true success…they raved about it. No one seemed to care what they looked like, although my husband did give a little chuckle.

Oh well…I will take that I got a great foot and the filling was a huge win! ✔️

Black Bean-Chipotle Dip

This recipe called for an easy blend of black beans, cumin, chipotle chili powder, lime juice, jalapeño, and red onion… (I omitted the cilantro). It really couldn’t have been easier. It all gets put into the food processor in two different steps and basically whirled up leaving the onion and jalapeño a bit chunky in the second go around. Dorie calls this a dip, but says it can just as easily be called a salsa. I am not quite sure what dictates which is which haha. I always think of salsa with tomato. 🤷‍♀️

So, my husband loved this…said it was absolutely fantastic and that he would call it a salsa. I am not a bean lover, but he convinced me to try it and I would also have to give the stamp of approval…that it was very good and quite tasty. I did double all the spices and jalapeño as Dorie said her version is more on the mild side and to play with it if we want it spicier. I knew my husband would enjoy more spice…he actually said even more next time haha.

This was so easy and made with ingredients generally on hand so it is a great one to remember!

This one is a keeper!

Asparagus-Lemon Quiche

This month we have a quiche to welcome spring with it’s lemon and asparagus freshness. The tart has a few steps, as they usually do, but nothing too difficult.

Our crust is an all purpose tart dough, easy to put together but does require a minimum of an hour chill in the fridge that needs to be considered when planning this meal.

The filling has a few surprises. The bottom layer consists of sautéed shallots, slivers of lemon..rind and all, and blanched asparagus. And then the custard is made up of two eggs, heavy cream, sour cream, and fresh herbs…I used chives and tarragon as suggested. Once that is all put into the crust, the tops of the asparagus are halved and placed on top. I did not add the optional Parmesan cheese, and in hindsight maybe I should have to add some color and a little more flavor.

We thought this was good. I was surprised though, that the shallots did not come through stronger and I couldn’t quite make up my mind about the slivers of lemon. They were interesting…and surprising…but maybe a little bit weird too. My husband did not notice the lemon bits and said he thought the quiche was a “healthy” version since he thought the crust and filling seemed lighter haha. 😂😂🤷‍♀️.

I think this was good, and we enjoyed it, but probably not a favorite. I think I can still call it a keeper though!

Mochaccino Muffins

These were easy to put together and quite beautiful when they popped out of the oven…high risers and enticing splits…the sanding sugar on top helped too! I feel like the sanding sugar is always listed as optional, but really is it haha. It really elevates whatever you use it on!

We are told these muffins could also be considered a grown up cupcake…no frosting and not too sweet…but a nice afternoon treat. The muffins are both chocolatey, and coffee flavored but neither super strongly. I did opt to only use the coffee extract and not also add in the instant coffee so that might have helped keep these flavors more in balance. My husband and I both commented that we couldn’t figure out exactly what the flavor did taste like…although we both really liked it!

These were a winner!

Chocolate-Olive Cookies

Yes, you read that correctly. 😳

I knew our last cookie in the cocktail section of our cookbook was going to be a hard sell. We are told these are a mysterious, grown-up cookie, delicious with wine….I guess we just aren’t that sophisticated of a bunch because these just didn’t fly with my group.

I am actually a chocolate and olive lover, although never together haha, so if anyone in my family was going to like these, it would most likely be me. I was leery but interestingly I felt like I couldn’t really discern the olive flavor. I could only muster up two other taster on these and they agreed about the olives, but also said they just didn’t like the cookie..that they seemed chalky. Similar to their reactions with the chocolate espresso ones.

There are been very few recipes over the years that just didn’t do it for my family and tasters, and this one would be on the list.

Not a keeper for us…and I think they are glad we are done with the cocktail cookie section haha.

Onto the next recipe!