TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tartlet

I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face…posting my second recipe for TWD with my blog tweaked and in phase two.  Yes, I think this will be a fun,  exciting work in progress. 🙂  I knew I would have fun baking the new recipes but I totally underestimated how much fun the blogging would be…both checking out other TWD baker’s blogs and also receiving comments on mine.  That was very exciting so thank you for taking the time!  Hopefully my replies, either on my blog or yours actually worked. 🙂

For those of you reading who don’t know, I am participating in a cooking group called Tuesdays with Dorie.   Two recipes a month are chosen from our Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan cookbook and then all 300+ bakers, incredibly representing 9 different countries, bake the recipe and then post their results on their blog.  The two “host blogs”, which changes with each recipe, have the honor of posting the recipe…soooo my goal this second blogging post of mine, is to try to link the host blogs to my blog so you can readily access the recipe on your own. We will see if I am successful…there are four hosts for this recipe: Spike, Jaime, Steph, and Jessica.  Check out their blogs and find the recipe to the delicious and decadent chocolate truffle tartlets.

I made these tartlets for Valentine’s Day…seemed like a perfect fit for such a rich dessert…and boy were these rich!!!  I made the crust the day before and then chilled it over night like the recipe gave as an option.  Some bakers had posted that the dough was a bit crumbly to work with but I worked it like I do sugar cookie dough, shaping it into a ball in my hands first and then rolling it out.  I had no problem rolling it or fitting it into the tartlet pans.

While the crust was baking, I got busy with the filling…being a self-proclaimed chocolate lover…had to take a picture of all the chocolate in this recipe!!!  Since I already had them, I used white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips instead of the bar chocolate.

This was the first time I had made a custard like filling whipping the egg yolks with sugar.  It took longer than I had anticipated but I kept at it watching for the mixture to thicken.  Here is a cooling crust and then filled and ready for baking.

We tried the tartlets plain first, which were fabulous, and then got fancy.  We had them with whip cream and berries and also with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Since this recipe makes 6 tartlets we shared them with family and friends…everyone raved about how delicious they were.  I am surprised how elegant they look for not being a very difficult recipe.  We all decided unanimoulsy…THIS RECIPE IS A KEEPER!! 🙂


White Loaves-My First TWD Post! :)

YAY, my first official post for Tuesdays with Dorie…White Loaves….actually my first blogging post ever! 🙂 Please feel free TWD bakers, to offer any suggestions to enhance my blogging experience! Some of yours are so creative and colorful…I am not sure yet how to do that.

I had seen an article in the Oprah magazine a while back about TWD and thought it sounded like so much fun…unfortunately when I checked into it, at that time the group was filled.  I had kept the info and for some reason last month I check back and they were taking new bakers!!  To sign up I had to create a blog…did it, ordered the cookbook, and here I am. 🙂 

 I was so excited to get started baking and my family was eager to taste my results!  For some reason I was feeling a little nervous, I guess because I would be accountable to tell of my experience in the blog…what if the bread didn’t turn out!  I ended up having so much fun, the bread turned out delicous and I found myself thinking of the other TWD bakers and their white loaves they were baking.  I made one loaf plain white and the other one cinnamon swirl.  Not only did the house smell wonderful, the bread tasted amazing.

The dough was mixed and ready for the first rise…


Cinnamon Swirl Loaf


and onto the second rise…

This bread was SO delicious…we used the cinnamon swirl loaf for french toast the next morning…it was a huge hit!!!…THIS RECIPE WAS A KEEPER🙂