Last-Of-The-Bunch Banana Bundt

This one was a nice surprise.

My husband said it was a better version of banana bread. He said it was much lighter, not as dense, and was more flavorful with the chocolate and coconut added. I think all of my tasters were surprised at how well the combination tasted all together. It seemed to be loved by all…my son simply saying, “it was bomb” which I have learned means it is one of the top tier desserts in our recipes. 😂

I had never baked with coconut oil, so I kept asking them if they could taste the coconut or was it more of a background flavor. No one was much help haha. They said they could taste the coconut, but thought it was more from the flakes themselves than from the oil. Who knows. I was surprised at the consistency of the coconut oil having never used it before. I was expecting something more creamy…and scented.

This is a pretty easy cake to pull together, although quite a few ingredients. I did make the icing on the thicker side and topped with with both the recommended toasted coconut and also mini chocolate chips. I was told next time, more of the topping would be great. 😂

With the reviews I got, I am sure this one will be made again…at least one more time haha to use up my coconut oil.

It’s a keeper!


Nutella-Banana Panna Cotta

So I sit here typing up this blog entry on my second day (now many more have passed) of our CA “stay at home” policy. Strange and unsettling times for sure…for so many reasons. This was my last recipe to make for the month and since I purchased the ingredients before all the madness hit, I was able to participate. It makes me sad that I might have to take a break from this baking group, which I haven’t done in 8 years. There just is nothing in the grocery stores here. We will see what the next few weeks holds.

My family was ecstatic over this one! They said is was such refreshing, chocolatey goodness with a touch of banana. They couldn’t get over how light it was and couldn’t stop staying how refreshing haha. I guess, like Dorie, they enjoy their Nutella and banana chilled.

This was an easy recipe to put together. The only thing I was concerned with, was the straining. I was totally able to keep it smooth but with the amount of, I am assuming banana, I was straining out, I was afraid it wouldn’t be detectable in the flavoring. My family said it was there, so I guess it all worked out.

My tasters said they LOVED this on its own, but as they talked while eating it, they thought this …as a filling, in let’s say a donut, would be unbelievable. 😂😂

They asked me if I could please make this one again. This is a keeper!

Stay safe friends!!

Ginger Fried Rice

I had high hopes for this one. We love this sort of dinner and all of the ingredients. I opted to add-in the shrimp and also some mushrooms but otherwise made it as recommended. There was a lot of prep for this one. I was thankful I cut and chopped everything a head of time or it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly. There is a lot of chopping: Napa cabbage, bok choy, onion, ginger, garlic, carrots plus the shrimp and mushrooms. 😳. The good thing is once you have it all prepped, it is a throw in the pan sort of dinner so it does go quickly when you get there.

I liked the process of charring half the veggies and then adding the other half in later to heat. It gave different texture and tastes to the dish. I also had never cooked with ponzu or gochujang sauces. These are added with honey to coat the whole dish as you finish. There was a nice flavor, but both my husband and I thought it was a little bland…I ended up adding soy sauce and he soy sauce and more of the gochujang sauce. That did up the flavor for us and we enjoyed the dish. I am not sure we loved it, but I will make it again as I now have the sauces for it haha.

Coco Rochers

Coco Rochers…also known as Coconut Rocks

Unsweetened coconut, sugar, egg whites, and vanilla…very few, basic ingredients and yet my husband declared these were a bite of coconut deliciousness…that could have only been improved upon by being covered in chocolate 😂

These were a huge hit with my coconut loving friends and family that tasted these for me. It is funny how something so simple could produce such joy. Easy to do on my part, so I will be happy to repeat…I think with a double batch next time haha. These are a keeper!