Edouard’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


It is good to be back…and what a good recipe to return to.  I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies, right??

I hadn’t planned on taking any time off as I really enjoy baking ALL of the recipes but as schedules had it, just not possible so I sat out August.  Throw in also a case of real, go to the doctor, food poisoning for my son while at a business conference and that made me, the already scared one to use un-cooked eggs, for sure sitting out the ice cream recipe…even if I am just being paranoid. 🙂

I have a really good, chewy, bakery type chocolate chip cookie recipe so I was interested as I read Dorie’s intro to the recipe how this would compare.  She was saying these were that type of cookie and probably because of a unique ingredient.  This recipe uses almond flour in addition to the regular all-purpose flour.  Interesting!  My recipe uses ground up oatmeal in addition to the regular flour.

I ended up using Trader Joe’s ground almond meal rather than almond flour so you can see some of the chopped up almonds.  These cookies were good…I mean very satisfyingly good!!  My tasters have all had my chocolate chip cookies and no one could say which was better…it was like they were the same, but different.  These were a bit more dense and “richly chocolately” but not as chewy.  We all agreed I just need to make both types now…and I will.  They are definitely a keeper and one that I will keep in my personal rotation.