Crackle-Top Cream Puffs


We have made versions of these cream puffs a couple of times now, and for some reason…I sure got a rise this time!  Whoo hoo!  I don’t even know what I did differently haha…too bad because I won’t know how to recreate these big, airy puffs!

These crackle-top puffs are fun, and I think look better and taste better than the other ones we have made.  In the future I would go through the extra step to add the topping.  We are told the discs of sweet dough added on top give the puffs a look of having been crowned with streusel or cookie crumbs…always a welcome addition I would think.  🙂

The sweet dough topping is rolled, frozen, cut out and then added just before baking. This is what they looked like before heading into the oven.


As far as the filling, Dorie suggests any favorite mousse or pastry cream would work beautifully…but she did say if you want to mix the lime cream we made for the Silkiest Lime Tart with some whip cream…that they will be ethereal.  Well, I decided I was going with the out of this world version.  Everyone loved that tart, so I figured they would love this slightly different cream puff version with a lime cream filling.

They did not disappoint with their reactions!  Wow!!  Although I didn’t think the cream firmed up as much as I would have liked…and now come to think of it, I believe even in the tart it took an overnight chill to set it, they ABSOLUTELY loved it.

  • “The filling is so good!!  Like a summer day!!  So refreshing!!”
  • “What do you mean this is lime?… sure tastes like lemon!…whatever it is I love it!”
  • “I love everything about this cream puff!! “
  • “The crackle top put this over the top…sooooo good!!”

I would say this was a very successful bake…turned out looking great and everyone loved it!!  Win-Win

It’s a Keeper! 🙂

Cookies-and-Cream Tartlets


When I think of cookies and cream, I think of the vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies swirled through it.

That is what I expected from the name of the recipe and although this has cookies swirled throughout as well, that is where the similarities end.  I am more of a chocolate than vanilla person so this seemed right up my alley. 🙂

This tartlet starts with our sweet tart dough that we should all be pro’s at by now haha.  We have definitely made this dough many times and it is loved by all of my tasters!!  The filing is a chocolate ganache with spice cookie chunks and crumbs stirred in and blended for a surprise in every bite….and it is a surprise because unlike vanilla ice cream, you can’t see what is hiding in the ganache.  There are visible chunks but what those are, are a mystery.

I did not add the optional Nutella on the bottom of each tartlet shell thinking it would be lost in the rich ganache.  I will be curious to see if any of you added it and could taste that it was included….BUT I did add the optional whipped cream and everyone said that was what made this dessert.

All of my tasters agreed, this was absolutely delicious and although they couldn’t quite identify what was in the ganache, they LOVED it.  They said the addition of the whip cream helped cut the richness of the ganache.  This one went over very well!!

It’s a keeper!



Green-As-Spring Soup


Let me just start by saying,

  • this soup was SO unexpectedly delicious!
  • like, I am telling you…amazing!
  • I LOVED it!

You can’t always judge how something will taste based on how it looks.  I am so guilty of doing that and this recipe proved to me what I may be missing.  If I hadn’t made this soup, I am not sure if I would have tried it.  It is pretty green…

This soup has such depth of flavor and is really pretty easy to make…basically boiling leeks, shallots, asparagus, zucchini, garlic, and basil in chicken stock…and then pureeing it.  All of the ingredients I like, so I was pretty sure I would enjoy this soup…you know since I knew what was in it.  Since I don’t have an immersion blender, the hardest part was probably pureeing the soup in batches in my food processor.  With how good this soup is, I may be needing to invest in a new hand-held blender. 🙂

We are given the option of making a basil-lime cream to add to the soup which I did, and highly recommend doing.  The tartness of the sour cream and lime played so well against the taste of the soup.  I had made this to go along with our dinner, and ended up just having two bowls of this for dinner.  So yummy!  I will most definitely be making this again!

Make up recipes: both were great, we especially loved the chowder!

My Newest Gougères


Potato Chowder



Since first writing this post, I have made the Green as Spring soup again…and it was just as delicious as the first time!  I loved it!