Baking Powder Biscuits


I am bummed I missed the Poppy Seed Torte, but it wasn’t because I didn’t try!  Even though we are not big poppy seed or apricot eaters in this house I still wanted to make it.  I even figured out where to buy bulk poppy seeds!…two full cups!   I think I would have taken the stores whole supply if I had bought the full amount though so I opted to halve the recipe.   I came home ready to bake and very soon realized I had once again failed to “fully” read the recipe.  I needed to “grind” the poppy seeds.  Well how do you do that?!!  We don’t drink coffee so I don’t even have a coffee bean grinder.  Since I had waited too close to the deadline to figure something out, Poppy Seed Torte did not happen.  I did see the posts, and I guess we missed out…everyone loved it!  Who knew?!!


I was really happy the baking powder biscuits were so easy…5 ingredients, a mix, a knead, and 12 minutes baking time.  I even opted to “brush with butter”!  Super easy.  I can’t say I am a huge biscuit fan but I did try them and they tasted like…biscuits!  If I needed to make biscuits, I would use this recipe but I just don’t see myself making them again. 🙂