Moka Dupont


The intro to our recipe lets us in on the behind the scenes story of how Dorie received this recipe from a friend, who had always requested this as a birthday cake.  She tells us it is a simple cake…”It was an icebox cake constructed of store-bought cookies, dunked in sweetened espresso and layered with quickly made butter cream.” We are told to properly make the cake, we should use The Brun cookies but that here in the states Petit Beurre cookies would be the ones we would find.

I set out ready to make this one and immediately had to make some accommodations.

  • I was the one on my phone in the grocery aisle trying to see if “Leibniz Biscuit au Beurre” were the same type of cookie…and thankfully it was a yes.
  • I used strong instant coffee instead of espresso to dunk the cookies
  • I omitted the raw egg…I know, I know most people use them and never have a problem but I just couldn’t do it.  I figured it would still taste good, maybe just not as fluffy or creamy.
  • I made one 2×3 cake and two 2 cookie cakes.  I figured that would make it easier for getting it to my tasters instead of cutting up the big one.

Everyone really liked this, a keeper for sure…and so easy!  It is rather rich, or actually very sweet,  which is something for me to say!  You don’t need a very big piece, it packs a big punch.  Maybe that would have been toned down a bit with the whipped egg whites and yolk mixed in.  I will be curious to see what other bakers thought of it.

What this dessert reminded of, was a treat I used to make my kids when they were little.  I would put frosting between graham crackers and make our own cookie sandwiches.  They were the best the next day as they became slightly softened from the frosting.  🙂