Pistachio and Berry Gratin



Berry 3

I have to admit when I first read the title of the recipe I wasn’t that excited.  I just didn’t know how berries and gratin went together and then throw in some pistachios??  However I learned this really is closer to an inside out fruit tart…although there is no crust and the cream goes on top.  You also have to use the term “almond cream” loosely  because it isn’t cream at all but rather a sweetened blend of butter, ground nuts, flour and egg that is baked into tarts, croissants and other pastries. See how I was confused? 🙂

Well, I was skeptical but let me tell you…this dessert was simple fantastic!  I don’t know if it was that we all didn’t know what to expect or it is the perfect spring/summer dessert or what.

What I do know, is that I will be making this again…for sure!!  I think already for Mother’s Day.

There is so much flexibility in this recipe. I used blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries but you can use what ever berries you would like. I also went with almond cream instead of pistachio as the recipe gave us this as an option.  I had almond flour on hand so that seemed like a logical choice. The only difficult part, if you want to call it that, is you need to make the almond cream at least an hour ahead of time so it can chill. Otherwise, super simple and super good!


tart 4


Berry 2

Delicious!!  This one is a keeper for sure!