Lemon Madeleines

photolmGiven our back to back lemon recipes, it is hard not to compare them…especially when the last one, “Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie”, got such high praise!

I was glad I got to use my madeleine pan again since that was one of the rare purchases I have made participating in this baking group.  I mean, I had to right…how can you bake madeleines without the correct pan! 🙂

These cookies were fairly easy and smelled great…the only complaint I have, is they were  pretty time consuming with all the “chilling” in the fridge and then after all that, you only have 12 cookies to show for it!  Seems to me most cookie recipes make a few dozen at least.  My tasters all thought the madeleines tasted like a piece of lemon cake with great icing.   I have used a sugar icing many times before, but I have never baked it on in a 500 degree oven.  I thought the finished product seemed similar to the icing on a glazed donut.

I am still waiting to try these since it is that time of year again…I have one in the freezer for after Easter.  All of my tasters enjoyed these and I am sure would love them again…but I am not sure…I guess I will have to wait until I try them to see what the final verdict is haha!!  Hopefully they freeze well 🙂


9 thoughts on “Lemon Madeleines

  1. I admire your discipline! I have none in the face of warm cookies. The comparison to a glazed doughnut has me really wanting to try these.

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