French Apple Tart


Lets just start this entry out by saying…It’s a Keeper!!  I have been on quite a streak of “non-success” as far as whether we liked the last few recipes so it was very refreshing to not only like it, but love it!  If you would like the recipe please visit Gaye’s blog.

This recipe calls for one 9″ tart but I had to improvise.  I didn’t have a large tart pan but I did have the six smaller ones we used for the chocolate tarts we made about a year ago….so I made six small ones.  They actually worked perfectly because it was a lot easier to transport to my tasters. 🙂

The recipe calls for making a ledge around the tart which was fun once I got the hang of it and after tasting them I think I would even go thicker next time.



I think we loved this recipe because we are an apple family.  I had to laugh when the recipe called for a “pinch” of cinnamon…who EVER puts a pinch of cinnamon?..maybe a pinch on each apple slice!   This is my “pinch” haha!  I stirred and actually added more! 🙂


Cooked down the apples and put them into the partially baked crusts.


The next step was a little difficult since my tarts were so small. The recipe called for making apple blossoms customary in french pastries.  This is my smaller version. 😉


slightly browned on the edges…


I had the usual three family testers going on this recipe and I got unanimous reviews…everyone LOVED this one!  I found the recipe to be a bit time consuming although I am sure the next time would be faster.  I think I would say this and the berry galette (which we made with apples 🙂 ) would be my favorite recipes we have made in the past year.  Simply delicious!!

Pizza with Onion Confit


Happy New Year to my fellow TWD bakers!  It is amazing to think we have almost finished a year of baking together.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience!! One thing I have learned this year…the fun is in the “baking journey” not necessarily in loving the end product.  This was certainly the case this go around.   If you would like this recipe, check out Paul’s blog.

Pizza with Onion Confit: Am I the only one who had no idea what “confit” was?

Confit: French in origin meaning “to preserve”. It is a common procedure to intensify the flavor as well as tenderize the texture.


Ok, now that I had an idea of what I was making…of to chop two pounds of onions.  Seriously, my husband and son were complaining that THEIR eyes…in the other room were burning.  Is that even possible??  Who knew!!

I did have fun making this recipe.

  • Learned what confit was
  • Used fresh thyme for the first time
  • Cooked with red wine
  • Chopped 2lbs of onions and survived
  • Always enjoy the process of making dough

I have to say, I should have known what the end result was going to be with us…as the onion confit was cooking for an hour, with high expectations for something so gourmet…all I could think was that I didn’t really care for the smell of the mixture simmering.  Weird I know…everyone baking this month probably loves making such a gourmet item but I kept thinking I bet my family will love the second pizza…the one with pepperoni and cheese.

Onion Confit cooling to room temperature


Fresh out of the oven: Pizza with Onion Confit topped with mozzarella



There were only three testers available tonight for this recipe…we were all WANTING to like it…I didn’t want to report that we really do have such simple taste as to prefer the second dough made into a pepperoni pizza but that is exactly what has happened.  None of us cared for the flavor of the onion confit.  My husband thought it would have tasted better with less of the confit and add some chicken…maybe he was thinking of a BBQ Chicken Pizza haha.  Anyway, loved the excitement of trying something new but this one will not be happening again at our house. 😉

The prefered basic pepperoni pizza 🙂