Summer Vegetable Tart

DSCF7346This recipe had the makings of being great…sautéed summer vegetables…what is not to love? After making the recipe, I came to find myself asking, “what was the point?”  Not sure if any of you had the same reaction but I would have preferred the vegetables sautéed and left it at that without all the fuss and cost of the dough and goat cheese.

The recipe suggested onion, mushrooms, and red bell peppers.  I don’t mind a bell pepper, but two in this small tart seemed a bit much so I opted to substitute asparagus which we love.



I had never used phyllo before so that was a new experience.  I found it at the store and did as the recipe suggested, buttering and peppering four sheets to make the tart crust. Since there was no picture in the cookbook, I found it difficult to know how to make the triangle edges since they didn’t seem stiff enough so I opted to roll the crust. If I ever make this again, I would definitely make the crust thicker!!  Four sheets as suggested by the recipe hardly made a crust at all…and I have tons of phyllo dough left over.  I think the thin crust was the biggest disappointment in this recipe…easy to fix though!





DSCF7346One of my tasters had a good point, this would look very pretty at a dinner party…much nicer presentation than a bowl of sauteed vegetables but to me I would have been happier with just plain vegetables…quicker and just as tasty! 😉

Baked Yogurt Tart


I feel like I have the pie crust recipe down…we have used it a few times now. Something I have learned…it is best to use pie weights or beans to help keep the pie crust shape…took me a few times to catch on to that one but I got it now. 🙂



Since the recipe gave a couple of variations on the fruit to use, I left it up to my son…berries it was…so I used blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries and ended up with quite the patriotic looking dessert.  He said it looked very gourmet. 🙂

The filling was super easy to mix up and I had fun creating a fruit masterpiece on top.  I did find that I had to cook mine about 20 min longer than the recipe suggested.  I wasn’t sure if I had overcooked it, but it was still really giggly at the 35 min mark.  It seemed like the time was right by the consistency when we cut it.


DSCF7333As you know, I have a faithful group of tasters whom I send out texts to alert them it is a baking day and ask if they are the interested in the new creation.  Funny story…apparently I was in a rush and didn’t check my text before I sent it.  One of them went out as I am making a “BEET tart” instead of BERRY tart.  That taster wasn’t sure about that particular concoction but said that is the great thing about your baking group…you get to try things we would never think of trying.  We got a good laugh out of that one!!…AND they ended up loving the BERRY tart…darn auto correct. haha!!  In fact, everyone who tasted this one really enjoyed it…the only advice was to add more berries next time.  Not my kind of dessert but I will take their word for it…its a keeper!