Chocolate-Coconut Tart


I told my coconut-loving husband this recipe was created to resemble the Mounds candy bar…with a shortbread crust.  He loves Almond Joy and Mounds so I figured this one would be a success. 🙂

Not only was it a success, but he says it is his “All Time Favorite” of all of the recipes we have baked on this baking adventure!  I was like, “what?…over all of them?”.  He said, “I just can’t think of anything else while I am eating this…it is that good!”  What a recommendation haha!

I got similar reactions from everyone who tried this one.  They absolutely loved it…every part of it.  “The tart was soooooo good!!!! I loved it!!!  Every part of it was delicious!”

What I liked, being the non-coconut lover, was that it was a pretty easy recipe to get that kind of reaction.  We have made this crust so many times, that is easy and then the coconut pastry cream was pretty easy as well.  Top with chocolate ganache…chill and you are ready to go.

Seeing as this has been called an “All Time Favorite”, I am sure I will be making this one again!  This is definitely a keeper!


Saint-Pierre Poppy Seed Cake


Here we are…our first post for 2019!  Crazy how fast the time seems to be going these days.  Hope you all had an wonderful holiday season.

I don’t have much experience with poppy seeds…eating or baking.  I am not sure why, other than there are always other choices I would rather have….you know like, hmm…do I want the lemon poppy seed or the chocolate?!!  No contest there haha!  I just had to laugh when Dorie says you should always taste your poppy seeds before using and I was like, I would’t know what they are suppose to taste like haha!

This was a pretty straightforward recipe.  I didn’t achieve the classic crack down the middle but the loaf was still a success.  I think my tasters would classify this as a middle of the road kind of dessert.  It was ok…not bad and not great.  There just isn’t a lot of flavor but I am sure it is perfect with coffee or tea.

I loved that this recipe used an orange and I could go out and pick my own in my backyard.  They are just delicious this time of year. 🙂