Bread and Chocolate Coffee Can Brioche Ice Cream Sandwiches


This one sounded so unique…I was all in!  Bought my coffee can and I was ready to begin.  There were some short cuts available…I did buy my ice cream, but I made the a coffee can and the Hot Salted Caramel Sauce.

I was so intrigued by this one…so fun to bake bread in a coffee can.  I mean how cool is that?!

Brioche is not hard, but it is time consuming with many rests and rises…and there is always that fear your dough will stop rising before it should…especially after the overnight in the fridge!  Mine did quite well which was so exciting each time I checked!  Next was popping it in the oven and smelling that wonderful brioche baking smell …heavenly!


How cute is that bread in a can?!! 🙂

After the bread has been un-molded and is cooling, you can make your discs of ice cream and the caramel sauce.  I used the coffee can to mold my ice cream which worked out perfectly.

Ready to assemble, you lightly toast the brioche slices…add the ice cream and top with the salted caramel sauce.   My husband and I were excited to try this as neither of us could ever remember having bread with ice cream or bread with chocolate for that matter…to us, kind of a weird combination but we were game to try it!

My husband’s go to response is always…”in-ter-esting”…and then…”wow this is fantastic”.  He loved it and thought it was a very creative combination…I on the other hand am not sure how I feel about it.  It was good, but I am not sure I loved it…kind of felt like I was eating toast with ice cream…which I was haha!

I absolutely loved the experience of making this one, but maybe not so much the eating of it…I know…weird. 🙂

Side note…my son had his after us and he loved it!  I guess it was just me haha!



Mushroom-Bacon Galette



This was amazing!  

I would say, probably one of the most gourmet tasting things I have ever made…and the beauty of it, was that is wasn’t that difficult…just some great flavors together!

Dorie tells us in her intro, that you get a lot for a little effort and wow was she right.  I knew we would love this just by the ingredients: bacon, leeks and mushrooms with some tossed in walnuts, herbs, and parmesan.  I mean, what is not to love?!  We felt like this recipe could be on any menu, at any restaurant…super tasty and filling.  We ate it for dinner, not even as an appetizer haha!  My husband and I loved it.

I love this new cookbook of Dorie’s and each time, can’t wait to make the new recipe.  I laugh at the fact that before this cookbook, I had never bought leeks…now I am buying 4 at a time because of the new recipes…and then the ones we have already made, that I am making again. :).

So far, all of them have been winners to us!  Can’t wait for the next one!

Pistachio-Raspberry Financiers


These are the third, and final financiers we will bake in this BCM cookbook.

I have to say, these were a lot easier to gather the ingredients together than the matcha ones that took me on quite the journey!..but even years later, I still recall the super thoughtful tea shop worker who gave me a sample so I didn’t have to buy a whole jar. 🙂  At the time, I didn’t even know what matcha was…oh the beauty of discovery while doing something new.  I love it!

Financiers are mini muffins in theory, but in reality it refers to the ingredients which are characterized by the ground nut this case pistachio, and then the egg whites and as Dori puts it, “the addition of more butter than you’d think would be wise”.  It is the butter that makes them moist and luscious and very rich.  For these, you mix the batter up and then allow it to sit for 8+ hours so I made the batter one evening, and then baked the next morning.  As long as you allow for the time, they are not difficult at all.

One would think the addition of one raspberry in each financier would be slight in the overall impact but, you would be wrong.  The raspberry seems to take over and pop with flavor in the most delightful way.  It is really unexpected…as you can see the pistachios but they really are the hidden base, and the raspberry the shining star.

We all enjoyed these and thought they would be a perfect addition to a brunch or tea.