Espresso Profiteroles

2013-10-11 15.40.42

These sounded like such a fancy dessert!  Since there was ice cream involved, which would melt so easily,  I figured it would be difficult to use my usual tasters. So instead, I made the puffs, the ice cream, and the chocolate syrup the day before I was hosting book club at my house and used it as one of my desserts.  I had my son and husband taste them first to make sure they were ok and they loved them! 🙂  I on the other hand can’t say I loved them but then what is new?  I thought there were a lot of flavors competing and would probably enjoy a more simple version.

I had to make some minor modifications:

  • I don’t have an ice cream maker so I opted to buy vanilla bean ice cream and stir in cinnamon.
  • I don’t drink coffee so I used a small instant packet left over from the mocha chocolate chip cookies and I omitted the espresso.

2013-10-11 13.52.54

2013-10-11 13.53.38Seems like this would be a good recipe to have when you would like to have a fancy dessert to serve.  It wasn’t that difficult to make and could be made in many variations.  If I was to make these again I think I would work with the flavors a bit but otherwise it is a keeper.


Blueberry Muffins and/or Sweet Berry Fougasse


This month’s recipe brought back memories for me in such a strange way!  (Since we will be out of town for Labor Day Weekend, I had to choose the shorter of the two recipes…which was the blueberry muffins.  I will do the Sweet Berry Fougasse and post with the next blog.)

Anyway, the muffins seemed straight forward enough, nothing too out of the ordinary until I read you need to double sift the dry ingredients.  I don’t recall any recipes I have made asking for a double sift.  As I was patiently sifting in “my little hand held, sorry excuse for a sifter” I was transported back many, many years ago baking with my Grandma…Great Grandma Rose as my children called her.  We use to bake all the time, at least it seems like that in my memory…like every time I went to her house.  Chocolate chip cookies and Sugar cookies were the “go to” recipes. She taught me all sorts of baking and cooking tricks and procedures….how to level off measuring cups, how to use a garlic press, and my favorite how to taste the cookie batter!! 🙂

One of my favorite parts of mixing the dough was sifting, which I think was in large part because of the handy sifting contraption she had.  imagesOh, I just had to chuckle while I was sifting away for these muffins at the flood of memories.  She would have LOVED to hear about my baking adventures with this group.  It is times like this I miss her most but it is also great to see how her memory lives on.  She was brought up at the dinner table that night!

A day swimming at Great Grandmas! 1999


My brother’s wedding.  2003


Well that turned out to be quite a trip down memory lane haha!  Good thing I had something to talk about because these muffins just didn’t do it for us.  Not bad, but not good either.  With all the prep and double sifting and all I would have expected them to taste as good if not better than muffins made from a box, but that was just not the case.  I expected them to be light and moist and they weren’t.  I am all for a good muffin, but these weren’t worth the calories in my opinion.  Not a keeper here.  Looking forward to trying out the fougasse…stayed tuned. 🙂