Crispy-Topped Brown Sugar Bars

IMG_1668This recipe intrigued me…and apparently my tasters as well!

Everyone’s comments were the same,

  • “I have never tasted anything like this before”
  • “Well, do you like it?”
  • “I am still thinking about it, trying to figure it out…what the heck is on top…toffee bits, heath bar, nuts??”

It was funny how everyone had the same reaction!…and no one figured out the topping was caramelized rice crispy cereal! They all decided they loved the bars but I think the mystery of the flavors was what got them on this one.  The recipe seemed easy enough but actually gave me a little bit of trouble.  It says the dough is sticky and difficult to work with…I had a tough time “showing it who is boss” as the recipe told us.  The other problem I had was getting the chocolate to melt the way they said to do it in the recipe.  My chocolate wouldn’t melt…it just became grainy.  I had to scrape that off, which wasn’t difficult since it didn’t melt.  I melted chocolate in the microwave and then poured it on the crust.  I thought this was a much easier way and would do it that way again.

In my opinion, the caramelized rice crispy cereal really made this dessert.  It wasn’t hard to do and gave this cookie bar something unique…something to talk about 😉


6 thoughts on “Crispy-Topped Brown Sugar Bars

  1. I’m not surprised that they couldn’t guess the topping…caramelizing the cereal transformed it into something pretty special and the best part of the bar.

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