Cat’s Tongues


“Cat’s Tongues, also known as  Langues de Chat, are long, thin oval-shaped cookies that are characteristically browned around the edges and paler at the center.”  Some, especially those in my family, would liken them to Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. Those same family members, actually said these were BETTER than Milanos and they are both big Milano fans, so there you go…great recipe!

I really had no issues with making these…even the piping went smoothly.  The only thing I changed was the first half of cookies I made long and as thin as recommended.  The second half I made them slightly thicker to look more like a Milano.  Both turned out great, and both got eaten.  I think my husband said he liked the thinner ones better because they were a bit more crispy, and my son liked the thicker because they were a bit more chewy.  I guess it was good I made both and ended up giving them both their favorite haha!

I  opted to make the chocolate ganache for the filling which I personally would think is a must…although I did eat a broken one without the chocolate and I have to say it was very tasty on its own!

This was a fun one!

Fresh-Off-The-Cob Corn Chowder


We find ourselves having high expectations for these recipes coming out of Everyday Dorie…they have all been so good and this one did not disappoint.

This soup had quite a bit of prep work, some that I had never done actually.  Since this is suppose to be a summer time treat using fresh corn on the cob, there is the cutting of the kernels.  I was thankful for Dorie’s tip about using the upside down bowl inside another to capture all the flowing kernels as they were being cut…totally worked!  I feel like you could go the short cut and use frozen or canned corn, but since we were suppose to use the cobs simmering in the broth and I like doing it the suggested way at least the first time,  I went for it.


In addition to the corn cutting, there is also chopping of celery, potatoes, onion, garlic and frying up bacon.

This soup is somewhat unique in that you use half of the vegetables in the broth to puree down and then add the remaining after they have been heated in the bacon grease to add a bit of texture.  Depending on how well you puree, the “broth” portion could be a little chunky as well.  I added a little more bacon on top along with some chives…and my husband and son also added some hot sauce.

Surprisingly, even on a hot summer night, we all really enjoyed it!  The taste definitely captured summertime!