Real Hot Chocolate


“Real Hot Chocolate” is one of this month’s recipes and yes it is real!  It actually feels like you are drinking liquid chocolate.  I mean it is SO good, SO rich, and SO satisfying!!  This will fix that chocolate craving…for sure!

This recipe uses milk, water, a little sugar and chocolate…that is it!  It is so, so easy to make.  You simply melt it all together and then give it a whirl in the blender.  I think we all agreed that the last step of using the blender made it seem so luxurious, so rich…so expensive haha.  It did not seem like a hot chocolate drink I just threw together and yet that is exactly what I did.  It was the perfect accompaniment to our game of Catan.  Side note…anyone else hooked on that game? Our son home from college taught us how to play and wow, how fun!

This is a definitely a keeper and one I can definitely see myself making again!  BTW, the recipe says it serves 2 and we easily shared it between 3 people.  You don’t need that much to feel very satisfied.