Phylloccine Ice Cream Sandwich


This recipe, although similar to the Tropical Napoleons, was it’s own creation.  All of my tasters agreed the truly fantastic dessert would be to combine the two.  Keep the meringue and tropical fruit from the Napoleons and add the raspberry puree and ice cream from the sandwich.  They said THAT would be perfection!  My tasters take their job seriously haha!

This recipe gets its name from the phyllo dough getting cut into ribbons which look very much like fettuccine…hence the name phylloccine.



The phylloccine then gets placed into mounds and sprinkled with butter and sugar and baked until golden brown.


While they are baking, you whip up some raspberry puree and homemade whipped cream.  It is really easy to assemble these…although I tried making the fruit skewer to come out of the top and it just wouldn’t stay up.  After the first one, we just put the fruit around the ice cream sandwich and that seemed to work out just fine. 😉  It is a keeper!

Savory Wheat Crackers


It probably was not fair to do these crackers after the Tropical Napoleons…but who knew. 😉  I mean after all, the Napoleons were one of the grandest looking desserts we have made and were loved by all. To have a simple cracker to follow…even a good one would be hard to get excited about. 🙂   They were easy, I will say that…but other than that, not much to say.  They weren’t good or bad…just ok.  I think if we wanted crackers I would just buy some.  They reminded us of pita chips but not as good.  On a side note, I have already made the Tropical Napoleons again…for a dinner party of 12.  Everyone LOVED them.   That recipe is a keeper…this cracker one, not so much.