Apple Tart with Crunchy Almond Topping


We are in the midst of a fall heat-wave…98 degrees the day I baked this tart.  Not exactly the fall baking experience I was looking for but what can you do?  I certainly won’t complain about our great year-round weather but it would have felt more like fall, baking an apple tart, in lets say maybe something in the 70’s haha!

This tart recipe is pretty simple…basically three steps.

  • The crust is not new to us.  We have used it in previous recipes and comes together easily.
  • The apples, which I subbed for the pears, are sautéed in butter and then some sugar.  I had never done this and I am wondering why??  They looked so good as they browned up on random edges and sides.  I could have eaten them plain, just out of the pan.
  • The almond topping is just egg whites, confectioner sugar, and almonds.

Seriously, very simple recipe and yet quite elegant looking.  I would say very good for a brunch or luncheon.  All my tasters agreed that this was delicious!  They loved it!

Personally, I preferred the plain apples. 🙂


Custardy Apple Squares


Dorie calls this a “Back-Pocket Recipe”; one that you can use when you need something quick and easy.  The recipe uses ingredients that you would normally have on hand…apples, flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla.  Nothing too fancy, but easy to pull off.  I did not have a mandoline, which she suggested to make the slicing of the apples easier and more uniform…oh darn, had to go get a new cooking gadget!  Funny thing is, I have used it three times now (and sliced my thumb!!)  since I bought it so I guess it was a good purchase! 🙂

Everyone really enjoyed this dessert.  I added a bit of cinnamon because I just couldn’t help myself.  I am not sure it really made that much difference though.  Overall, this was a good, easy recipe but in my opinion, a bit bland.  I think it was actually better later, chilled.  Quite a few people said it reminded them of the restaurant The Original Pancake House’s apple pancake.  Not a bad comparison!