Vanilla-Bean Sablés


In our recipe, Dorie tells us that “In the American world of cookies, the chocolate chip is the icon.  In the French world, it’s the sablé, a simple shortbread cookie notable for its fine texture-snappy around the edges, cakier in the center, fresh butter flavor and, often, its bit of saltiness.”

These cookies are simple…not really too much to say about the making and baking, although the dough is a little fussy, but I do think it is fun to learn more about what we are baking and why it might be popular, especially to certain regions.  Also interesting to note is the name sablé means “sandy” which describes the cookie’s characteristic texture.  This we learn, is accomplished by mixing at low speeds so very little air is added and secondly, being very quick and gentle when adding the flour all at once. Baked perfectly, they should be brown around the edges and golden on the bottom.  To me, they look slightly burnt…but I have never had a sablé in France. 🙂

We all loved these…although it would be interesting to ask everyone which they prefer…the chocolate chip or the sablé!

Me…no contest!  The chocolate chip! 🙂 🙂

Classic Fruit Tart


We are told in our recipe that there are only 3 elements so each one must be very good.  “The crust should be beautifully brown; not pale, the pastry cream should be silky, cold, and well flavored, and the berries should be ripe.”  Sounds pretty straight forward compared to some other recipes we have tackled!

  1. We have made this Sweet Tart Dough many times, so that was easy.  I made my tart into 5 mini ones just to be different and so I could use my mini pans 🙂
  2. The Vanilla Pastry Cream we have also made before, so that was easy.  I had an easier time with it this time since I knew to pull it off the heat at first signs of it thickening.
  3. Ripe berries out here in California, was really easy!

All in all, this was an easy dessert to pull together.  Everyone loved it with the only suggestion being, that a dollop of whipped cream would have put it over the top!