Green Tea Sablés

This is our 4th and final Sablés cookie we have made from the cookbook. Different flavoring and somewhat different ingredients but surprisingly similar type of shortbread cookie. My husband is the one who likes these best in our family…always likening them to the butter cookies in the blue tin at Christmas time. 😂

This recipe was different because of the tea used, but it also didn’t have the confectioners’ sugar or egg/white the others commonly used.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to make this one since I don’t usually have any tea in the house but my last trip to the grocery store gave me enough time to still get these done. Since we are not a big tea drinking family, I went with a fruity green tea…Green Tea with Orange Passionfruit Jasmine.

They were easy to make, the sanding sugar edges were appreciated, and everyone liked them but unfortunately no one could taste the tea…at all 😂😂. They all got eaten, but not sure this would be a recipe I would necessarily repeat.

On a side note, since I wasn’t sure I would be making the tea cookies, I did a way back rewind from Baking with Julia to use up some potatoes I had. This second attempt at Rustic Potato Loaves went better than the first time which was 7 years ago almost to the day (April 2, 2013). So weird when I looked it up. We loved this loaf both times!!

Dark Chocolate Pudding

Back at the beginning of our stay at home orders, when it looked like our Friday group would be picking our own recipes out of the cookbook for a bit, I went ahead and made this recipe. There weren’t too many ingredients and I still had the heavy whipping cream from one of our previous recipes 😃…win-win!

Although my husband said it is hard to get excited about pudding, he loved it! He grew up in a “snack-pack” pudding house. That was really the only treat…so that explains the underwhelming anticipation for this dessert haha. He said the flavor was great and he really enjoyed the mini chocolate chips I added on top..on a second helping.

Thankfully grocery shopping has gotten better over the last few trips so I think I will be fine getting ingredients for the most part. Hope you are doing well…happy baking!

Martine’s Lemon and Apple Tart

I made this tart two days ago on Easter Sunday…our 30th day of our “stay at home” quarantine here in California. I am thankful for my family’s health and their ability to be able to work from home…I am sad we were not able to gather and spend time together in person. I said it while my kids were studying abroad, and I will say it again…FaceTime is the best!! This won’t last forever and oh how sweet the family gathering will be when this is over!

This tart was unlike any I have baked or eaten.

The crust was our go to Sweet Tart Dough, which I am sure all of us would say we have down by this point haha. I even remembered to turn down the temperature so as to not brown too fast. The filling on the other hand was different. The lemon, sugar, eggs, and butter are all normal but then you add grated apple 😳. I am a true Apple lover but I have never grated apples before haha. That was a first. I have to admit it felt like I was adding grated potatoes to the lemon mixture and then first things my son says as it comes out of the oven, “looks like your hash brown quiche Mom”!! I have to admit he was entirely correct. It was a little mind over matter to not think this was hash browns.

Thankfully, through all of these recipes I have baked, we try to keep an open mind because many, many times we are blown away by the taste of something we had not anticipated. This was another. We thought this was very good and unexpected. We all thought it tasted like a lemon bar with a really good cookie crust. I am not sure we could discern the Apple flavor in it, but it didn’t matter. It was just good.

It was a perfect Easter Sunday dessert. 😃

Ponzu Chicken

My Friday cooking group is weathering this Covid-19 crisis by choosing our own recipes this month to cook…based on what we have on had or can find in the stores. We are an international cooking group, so we are all living though varying levels of this pandemic.

I am so thankful for all of you that I bake and cook with each month and also so thankful we were able to find a way to keep going in the midst of the trouble. It has been a nice diversion to still have this cooking and blogging to look forward too. 😃

I chose to make Ponzu Chicken since I already had the Ponzu sauce from one of our previous recipes. Although that is the base of the marinade, there is also lemon, rice vinegar, Thai red curry paste, sugar, and oil. Dorie gives a few recommendations of chicken, pork, and fish that would go well with the sauce. I used chicken thighs.

This was a very easy recipe to pull together. Instead of using the marinade and boiling it for the sauce, I went ahead and made another batch of the sauce and added a little bit of corn starch to thicken it. Brought it to a boil and added it over the chicken which is pan fried.

To say this was delicious would be an understatement! My husband and son both could not stop raving about how fantastic this recipe tasted. The flavor is robust and so tangy. They were both asking when I could make it again. Seriously amazing.

We are trying it again tonight on Mahi Mahi. They asked for more sauce to add over top the fish and rice. 😂

This one was a keeper!! Stay safe and healthy my friends!!