Summer Vegetable Tart

DSCF7346This recipe had the makings of being great…sautéed summer vegetables…what is not to love? After making the recipe, I came to find myself asking, “what was the point?”  Not sure if any of you had the same reaction but I would have preferred the vegetables sautéed and left it at that without all the fuss and cost of the dough and goat cheese.

The recipe suggested onion, mushrooms, and red bell peppers.  I don’t mind a bell pepper, but two in this small tart seemed a bit much so I opted to substitute asparagus which we love.



I had never used phyllo before so that was a new experience.  I found it at the store and did as the recipe suggested, buttering and peppering four sheets to make the tart crust. Since there was no picture in the cookbook, I found it difficult to know how to make the triangle edges since they didn’t seem stiff enough so I opted to roll the crust. If I ever make this again, I would definitely make the crust thicker!!  Four sheets as suggested by the recipe hardly made a crust at all…and I have tons of phyllo dough left over.  I think the thin crust was the biggest disappointment in this recipe…easy to fix though!





DSCF7346One of my tasters had a good point, this would look very pretty at a dinner party…much nicer presentation than a bowl of sauteed vegetables but to me I would have been happier with just plain vegetables…quicker and just as tasty! 😉


4 thoughts on “Summer Vegetable Tart

  1. I like that you used asparagus. If I had it in the house, I would have thrown that in too! I really liked this tart. It was my first time using phyllo as well. I wish there had been a video showing this tart being made. I think that would have helped me! But I will be making it again, now that I understand phyllo.

  2. Your tart turned out just fine! I agree the phyllo isn’t the best part of this meal, though the goat cheese does add a nice dimension to the filling. But then again, I l o v e goat cheese!

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