French Apple Tart


Lets just start this entry out by saying…It’s a Keeper!!  I have been on quite a streak of “non-success” as far as whether we liked the last few recipes so it was very refreshing to not only like it, but love it!  If you would like the recipe please visit Gaye’s blog.

This recipe calls for one 9″ tart but I had to improvise.  I didn’t have a large tart pan but I did have the six smaller ones we used for the chocolate tarts we made about a year ago….so I made six small ones.  They actually worked perfectly because it was a lot easier to transport to my tasters. 🙂

The recipe calls for making a ledge around the tart which was fun once I got the hang of it and after tasting them I think I would even go thicker next time.



I think we loved this recipe because we are an apple family.  I had to laugh when the recipe called for a “pinch” of cinnamon…who EVER puts a pinch of cinnamon?..maybe a pinch on each apple slice!   This is my “pinch” haha!  I stirred and actually added more! 🙂


Cooked down the apples and put them into the partially baked crusts.


The next step was a little difficult since my tarts were so small. The recipe called for making apple blossoms customary in french pastries.  This is my smaller version. 😉


slightly browned on the edges…


I had the usual three family testers going on this recipe and I got unanimous reviews…everyone LOVED this one!  I found the recipe to be a bit time consuming although I am sure the next time would be faster.  I think I would say this and the berry galette (which we made with apples 🙂 ) would be my favorite recipes we have made in the past year.  Simply delicious!!


11 thoughts on “French Apple Tart

  1. I love the tartlets! They look fantastic. I wish I’d added more than a “pinch” to my apples – I felt they were a little lacking in the flavor department. It is a very pretty tart though!

  2. Love your little tarts. They look great. And I agree, this recipe is a keeper!! You did so well with the crust edging. I did not get the hang of it, but seeing your picture of that perfect edge makes me understand how it is supposed to look. (will have to try it again) I know what your mean about a pinch of cinnamon. It wasn’t nearly enough!!!

  3. Your tartlets are beautiful! What lucky tasters you have! I think you are right about the *big* pinch of cinnamon, I think that would have helped the flavor a lot. Congrats!

  4. Your tarts are beautiful!!! I watched the video someone had posted on TWD and Julia made a comment about how large of a pinch of cinnamon Leslie used. I too put in more – around a tsp or more. This is definitely a keeper her too!

  5. I completely agree that this is definitely a keeper. What’s not to like? I had fun with the edging technique. Yours looks pretty. I made minis too and had a similar challenge in making the circle of apples. I just kept trimming and trimming. In the end, it tasted great. Great job!

  6. The edges of the tarts are so deliciously looking – puffy goodness sprinkled with cinnamon! Mmm! I would have to say that the galette was also my favorite of 2012 along with the semolina bread.

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