Savory Wheat Crackers


It probably was not fair to do these crackers after the Tropical Napoleons…but who knew. 😉  I mean after all, the Napoleons were one of the grandest looking desserts we have made and were loved by all. To have a simple cracker to follow…even a good one would be hard to get excited about. 🙂   They were easy, I will say that…but other than that, not much to say.  They weren’t good or bad…just ok.  I think if we wanted crackers I would just buy some.  They reminded us of pita chips but not as good.  On a side note, I have already made the Tropical Napoleons again…for a dinner party of 12.  Everyone LOVED them.   That recipe is a keeper…this cracker one, not so much.


4 thoughts on “Savory Wheat Crackers

  1. Pita chips is the right description for these crackers. If maybe there was some oil in the dough, the results would have been more satisfying. I am not sure I will re-use this recipe again. Wow! Tropical Napoleons for 12! This is crazy 🙂

  2. I agree, these crackers are really basic. And coming after the Napoleans (which incidentally, I was the only one who failed) they do seem ridiculously easy to make.
    Really impressed that you made the Napoleans not once but twice.

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