Tangerine-Topped Cheesecake

I am reminded when we bake these different cheesecakes that although quick to get in the oven, the rest of the baking, resting, and chilling pretty much take you into the next day haha. You don’t just have a craving for cheesecake and have one ready.

This version is a little different in that it uses a mix of cream cheese and ricotta and then also because of the use of citrus…tangerine, orange, or lemon…on top, but also zest on the inside. I refrained from topping my cake until it was served so it wasn’t soggy.

My husband enjoys cheesecake but said he couldn’t ever remember having cheesecake with oranges. He said the oranges on top were so refreshing…that it was just plain fantastic. Another comment I got was it reminded them of a 50/50 creamsicle…even more so when the cheesecake was eaten frozen!

I am not a fan of cheesecake but everyone else that was a taster really enjoyed this…for the same reasons my husband had said. What I loved…was that I could go out in my backyard and pick an orange to use haha. I LOVE my orange tree…they are like candy and so juicy. 😍

I have a feeling this will be a recipe we repeat each year when our oranges are ripe!

This one is a keeper!

6 thoughts on “Tangerine-Topped Cheesecake

  1. wow!! okay like everyone says, you are literally eating the fruits of your own labour! Wow that is amazing!Remind me where you live again? Certainly not like us in frozen canada (well not that frozen but I’m sure I cannot go and plant an orange tree outside in alberta! ).


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