Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

I am not sure I have ever made a Shepherd’s Pie 😳, not even sure why not, but this seemed to be a first for us. We are told, this is a Mediterranean twist on the rustic pie usually made with leftovers, never quite the same twice.

This recipe uses your choice of ground meat and sausage, which I used turkey and a hot sausage, and then you add onion, spinach, tomato and an optional butternut squash…which I did not add. It is the spices though that are what makes this dish special…the harissa powder, cumin, lemon zest, and oregano. The base is made and then topped with mashed potatoes and then cooked for about 40 min.

This was good…really good. Very satisfying and VERY flavorful. We all loved it. What I also loved, was that it made enough for two nights haha.

This one is a keeper!

4 thoughts on “Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

  1. What a great photo of your Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie…I love how you got the potatoes all colored on top like that, it really is more appealing than my plain white ones. We had enough for a few meals from this, it warmed up so nicely and was even more delicious. I just discovered harissa with this recipe so now I’m in search of other recipes to make with it. I love learning new things in groups like this.

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