Ms. Corbitt’s Pecan Cake Fingers

This is quite an unassuming cookie if you saw it out on a platter, but both in taste and required effort…it is more than it appears.

This cookie comes to us from Ms. Corbitt, an author and chef…her recipe from 1957. It is a brown sugar and chopped pecan cookie that starts with whipped egg whites turned to marshmallowy goodness with brown sugar…lots of brown sugar! The trick is to not deflate your nice whipped mixture as you gently fold the flour…in 3 additions and then the cup and a half of chopped pecans…also in 3 additions. That is a lot of gentle folding. The cookies are baked in a 9×13 for about an hour at a low temp.

The icing is made from browned butter and confectioners sugar…I use the term “icing” loosely as this is more of a dry, crumbling molding clay. We are told to cut the cookies into 3×1 fingers and then place some “icing” on top and mold it around…that as we work with it we can move it a bit and then smooth it with an offset spatula. 😳. Thankfully I had only cut 1/4 of the cake into fingers because that was very tedious and difficult to get nice and smooth on the small cookies….not to mention how to know how much to use on each one. I changed tactics and placed the icing on the three remaining sections of the cake and molded it on those. Then I cut the cookies and had a much better go of it.

These cookies were fussy…and did have quite a bit of sugar and butter but I think Ms. Corbitt was on to something. These were really different…crunchy but chewy…sweet but nutty….and that “icing” was the perfect topping haha. They make you want to have another and isn’t that the sign of a good cookie?

We all really enjoyed these…quite an unexpected delight.

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