Steph’s Bakewell Tart

I was excited to bake this one! As a big fan of The Great British Baking Show, this recipe stood out…the Bakewell haha. I had to look it up one time when I was watching because I had no idea what this “Bakewell” was that they kept referring to. Now I have baked one…pretty cool…even better was the fact it was LOVED by all!

The “Bakewell” always has three components: the crust which is firm and flaky, the layer of gooey jam…usually raspberry, and a layer of slightly chewy almond sponge cake. Optional would be a sprinkling of sliced almonds on top, and a drizzle of icing. Icing makes everything better so of course I went the optional route, using both.

Nothing about this was difficult, although there is some chilling time with the crust and a few steps so you don’t just throw this one together. I was unsure about the amount of jam in the final product as the picture in the cookbook looks like a thin layer, although it is hard to tell. The rounded cupful the recipe calls for gave quite a layer of jam in the cake. I was thinking it might be too much but every one of my tasters said don’t change anything when I asked hahaha.

This was a fun one, and so loved that of course I would bake it again. 😍

10 thoughts on “Steph’s Bakewell Tart

  1. That looks really good…lots of jam is maybe not a bad thing at all. I, too, wrote about The Great British Baking Show…I just love watching that and seeing all the different kinds of bakes. You did them proud!

    • OMGOSH I knew we were kindred spirits from reading your posts haha…and this proves it! I love that show! Wouldn’t you love to be in the tent and try it out?!! I certainly wouldn’t be as entertaining, but I would love the challenge!

      • I would love to be in that tent…I’m always pausing it and looking at all the decorations and mixing bowls in the back and bits of equipment…a real nerd when it comes to all that. Let’s do it together…oh, wait, first rule is you have to be British…oops.

  2. Your tart looks delicious. We are also big fans of the Great British Baking Show in my house! (I oftentimes have to look up the definition of what they are baking.) It was fun to make something from the show.

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