Stuffed Cabbage

“The cabbage packets are layered between the sauce and a cushion of grated apples, shredded onions and cabbage and braised for 3 hours-the aromas draw everyone to the kitchen”

The aroma from this cooking in the oven was amazing! Dorie was not exaggerating! I am one of the people she was talking to…the ones who have never made stuffed cabbage…in fact my husband and I both can’t remember ever eating it either. Weird…I know. Especially hearing her talk about what a beloved dish this is in many cultures and revered in Europe. 🤷‍♀️

This was a labor of love to make…took me a little over an hour to prepare, and then cooks for 3 more. The anticipation was building as we smelled it…would we like it, would it be worth all the effort haha.

Glad to report, it was absolutely delicious. I am not sure how Dorie got such a great picture, because that was a challenge pulling the bundles out of the Dutch oven and making it look nice.

I think the hardest part in preparing this dish was trying to get my cabbage leaves freed and still in tact. Once I had accomplished that, the boiling of the leaves, mixing the filling (I used Turkey), assembling the bundles and making the sauce all went smoothly. My husband and I both really liked the sauce and the nice kick you got from the husband probably would have liked more of a kick but it was perfect for me.

I would have to say this was a huge success…delicious and fun to try. I would make it again, especially knowing the end result would be something we would like!!

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