Chocolate-Mint Nightcaps


With all the baking we are doing with two cookbooks now…and Thanksgiving dinner, it was nice to have an easy one to fit in when I had the time. These are basically cake’ish chocolate cookies that are sandwiched together with a chocolate ganache.  If that wasn’t enough chocolate, you add a swirl of chocolate ganache on top to form a “nightcap”.

In all honesty, these weren’t anything too special…they look like they should be, but they were just ok….good, but ok.  I personally wouldn’t make them again.  You can make the parts ahead of time and then assemble the cookies when you need them, but I am always thinking, “if I was taking them somewhere or having people over, how would this work for me?”  They were a bit fussy for my liking…especially without the “wow” factor.  There are better recipes.