Father’s Day Blueberry-Cherry Pie

Funny that Dorie made this for the first time in 2020 while her son was expecting his first child. I made this, and brought part of it over to my son-in-law when his new son was one week old. Didn’t quite get the baking done for eating ON Father’s Day, as we had a lot going on with a new baby in the family, but it didn’t make it any the less celebratory! 👶💙

This pie uses Dorie’s All-Butter Pie Dough recipe divided into two for the bottom and top layer. I thought this dough was great to work with, and everyone seemed to love it. The reviews were that I nailed the pie crust, so yay for that haha.

The filling is equal parts pitted and halved cherries and blueberries cooked down with sugar to make a jam like filling. There is some lime zest, lime juice, and flour mixed in and an optional teaspoon of cinnamon, which I added. The filling, which is super easy to make…other than the pitting of the cherries!…is put in the pie crust, topped and crimped and brushed with milk. The whole thing is cooked for about 65 min at two different temps. When it is brought out of the oven, the crust is brushed with a confectioners sugar glaze giving it an old school snack pie glaze look….which by the way my whole group loved.

The pie was promptly eaten with many great reviews..they loved the crust and the filling although it was mentioned that with two different fruit they thought this would be sweeter and more flavorful. It was almost like combining the fruit together made them more bland and neither flavor stood out. 🤷‍♀️. Weird. Regardless, the pie was a winner and none of it was left…I’d still call that a keeper.

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Blueberry-Cherry Pie

  1. Love the new picture. Congratulations again on the new grandbaby so much to look forward too. I totally forgot to do the glaze, yours look great. If your family is a cherry pie lover I have a great recipe for you.

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