One Big Break-Apart Chipper

This is a big slab cookie…one to put out on the table and let everyone break off a piece, or go ahead and cut it into pieces to share. Either way, it is a party cookie that is sure to bring smiles. It is delicious!

This is an interesting twist on a chocolate chip cookie bar. It is rolled thin, and baked large. The spices added in…cinnamon and cardamom are a sweet surprise that play well with the chocolate, brown sugar, and honey. You can add nuts as well and I went the route of using some glazed pecans I had on hand. Figured that would add to the cinnamon already in the dough.

This chilled in the fridge, and then baked until the edges were darker than the middle…which should be firm with a tiny bit of give. Sanding sugar is optional before you bake, but you know my stance on is a yes, always haha. Once again, I think it takes the dessert to a fancier level and the crunch is always welcome.

These are sweet, but with my group, a total keeper! We loved them!

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