Zan’s Birthday Cookies

These cookies, Dorie tells us in her intro, “give us the pleasure of a thick slice of cake in a small, elegant package…and if they look like they were made for candles, so much the better.” Baked for a friend’s child named Zan, they were reminiscent of a German Chocolate Cake with the chocolate and coconut.

I made these earlier in the month as I was baking a ahead of time in preparation of the birth of my first grandchild mid-month! I thought this would be a perfect bake for where my head and heart are this month…focusing on a birth day! Instead of using a white candle like Dorie did in the cookbook, since my daughter and son-in-law did not find out the gender, I took pictures with each a pink and blue candle so I was prepared once the baby made its grand arrival. As you can see from the candle, we were blessed with a GRANDSON…and I am now a GRANDMA!! We couldn’t be more thrilled…Mama and Baby are both doing great and at the time of writing this, he is only 1 day old! We are so excited, thankful, and full of joy! 💙💙

Back to the cookies 😂, these were such a huge hit…but pretty time consuming to make. Like many bakes, this wasn’t hard but did require three separate components, two of which had chilling time also involved.

These had a chocolate and coconut brownie-like base, a toasted coconut pastry cream filling, and then a crunchy, cocoa streusel on top. They are baked in muffin tins, and quite thankfully, pop out no problem.

My family and most of my tasters are huge coconut and chocolate lovers, so I was pretty sure these would be a winner and I was right! I was told “don’t lose that recipe” and “these are such a great, unique, fusion of an old school crumb cake, almond joy, and brownie”. They seriously loved these. With responses like that, how can I not make them again haha. At least I would know what I was getting myself into and plan accordingly..probably easiest to make the parts the day before and then bake the next!

This one is a keeper!

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