Black Bean-Chipotle Dip

This recipe called for an easy blend of black beans, cumin, chipotle chili powder, lime juice, jalapeño, and red onion… (I omitted the cilantro). It really couldn’t have been easier. It all gets put into the food processor in two different steps and basically whirled up leaving the onion and jalapeño a bit chunky in the second go around. Dorie calls this a dip, but says it can just as easily be called a salsa. I am not quite sure what dictates which is which haha. I always think of salsa with tomato. 🤷‍♀️

So, my husband loved this…said it was absolutely fantastic and that he would call it a salsa. I am not a bean lover, but he convinced me to try it and I would also have to give the stamp of approval…that it was very good and quite tasty. I did double all the spices and jalapeño as Dorie said her version is more on the mild side and to play with it if we want it spicier. I knew my husband would enjoy more spice…he actually said even more next time haha.

This was so easy and made with ingredients generally on hand so it is a great one to remember!

This one is a keeper!


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