Chocolate-Olive Cookies

Yes, you read that correctly. 😳

I knew our last cookie in the cocktail section of our cookbook was going to be a hard sell. We are told these are a mysterious, grown-up cookie, delicious with wine….I guess we just aren’t that sophisticated of a bunch because these just didn’t fly with my group.

I am actually a chocolate and olive lover, although never together haha, so if anyone in my family was going to like these, it would most likely be me. I was leery but interestingly I felt like I couldn’t really discern the olive flavor. I could only muster up two other taster on these and they agreed about the olives, but also said they just didn’t like the cookie..that they seemed chalky. Similar to their reactions with the chocolate espresso ones.

There are been very few recipes over the years that just didn’t do it for my family and tasters, and this one would be on the list.

Not a keeper for us…and I think they are glad we are done with the cocktail cookie section haha.

Onto the next recipe!

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