Eton Mess

Our recipe this month is a take on the traditional Eton Mess consisting of strawberries, whipped cream, and meringue. It dates back to 1893 and is believed to originate from Eton College in Britain. It is still served there before the annual cricket match between rival schools.

Our version followed the basics, with a twist…our bottom layer compote included rhubarb cooked down with the strawberries and our meringue had crushed speculoos cookies folded into it.

This is more of a construct-as-you go dessert, assembling all the layers which can be made ahead of time. Perfect for entertaining.

I made a double batch and brought it to my in-laws for Easter brunch. Serving it only needed layering the strawberry/rhubarb compote, some whipped cream, sugared strawberries…a little more whipped cream, and then topped with the speculoos studded meringue.

I had made the meringue the day before and kept it loosely covered, but experienced the dreaded softening. 🤦‍♀️ It was so disappointing to go and try to crack the meringue, which we had tasted the night before and it was fine…to have turned into something else….ugh.

Oh well, it tasted fine and we had to roll with it. Figured it would give a new and different texture to the dish haha.

Turns out everyone loved it.

I am not sure most of them knew what the meringue was suppose to taste or feel like, but said they loved the chewiness…my son saying it is kind of like how vanilla wafers are best when they are slightly stale and softened a bit haha.

So, mine had a bit of a chew, rather than a crunch but it was a hit. Everyone said it was unlike anything they had eaten before and they loved it. Yay…a slight fail, was still a win! 😍

5 thoughts on “Eton Mess

  1. I went back and tried the left-over meringue I made yesterday. They are still crunchy. However, I tasted some chewy part toward the center of the pan, probably the thickest area and less baked than the edges. I’ve found from experience that meringues tend to get soggy overtime. Stored in an air-tight container, they are good for 2-3 days.

    • I went to the grocery store and then to Sprouts and couldn’t find it either but Sprouts had it frozen so I went with it. I wish I was as confident you and a couple others to just make up my own combo haha.

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