Beef and Beer Stew

My husband was all about trying this one. We don’t eat a lot of red meat…or bacon for that matter, so he was pretty excited I had a recipe calling for both.

This recipe is Dorie’s take on the Flemish dish, Beef Carbonnade…”a slowly braised stew characterized by an abundance of onions, a little bacon, and a base of dark beer”.

This dish is slow cooked for a long time…3 hours in the oven. There is also about and hour and half prep time.

There are a number of steps…none of them hard or individually time consuming.

We need to prep/sear the meat, cook the bacon, caramelize the onions and then combine all the ingredients..of which there are quite a few. We have allspice, cloves, dark beer, beef broth, brown sugar, cider vinegar, grainy mustard, tomato paste, fresh thyme, and bay leaves.

All of this is brought to a boil in the Dutch oven and then transferred to the oven to cook for 3 hours. We are told traditionally this is served over wide noodles and that we should as well…so I did.

My husband was in heaven. He loved this dish…said it was restaurant worthy and reminded him of short ribs. For me, I am just not enough of a beef lover to have much of an opinion, but I did say if I am going to have bacon, I want to be able to taste it…and I couldn’t really taste it. 😂🤷‍♀️

All in all…a huge success! My husband and I were talking and I don’t think in almost 32 years of marriage I have ever made beef stew so it was time I guess haha.

This one is a keeper!

7 thoughts on “Beef and Beer Stew

  1. Your stew looks delicious and it’s no wonder it was a hit…we are beef stew lovers in the winter time with the weather raging outside, always a treat. I would love to sit down to a bowl of yours.

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