Mary’s Maine Bars

If these don’t scream Christmas I don’t know what does. 😂

I am not usually a fan of gingerbread, but these were different. They were moist, and chewy, and not overly flavored by the molasses. Although the flavor was there, it was complemented by the cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves…surprisingly no ginger is added. I really liked the texture…as did all of my tasters. One commented it was like a gingerbread brownie..which I had to agree.

Everyone also said they loved the sanding sugar on top…that really does elevate a recipe from ordinary to something special. We were fans.

I would say these are definitely a November/December dessert…but I would for sure see myself making them again later this year during the holidays!

These are a keeper!

7 thoughts on “Mary’s Maine Bars

  1. Those all look so precise and perfect lined up like that. Happy to hear they were such a hit as I pulled the ingredients this morning to make them for next time. From the photo in the book, I thought they were chocolate…I must have read that recipe ten times thinking somehow I wasn’t seeing the chocolate ingredient. Lol

  2. This was a delicious slice, wasn’t it. Your neat little squares are perfect – I used a loaf tin for a smaller batch and they sunk in the middle a little.

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