Cheese Puffers

These smelled delicious while baking. They are a cross between and muffin and popover…mostly favoring the popover.

The puffers are baked in a muffin tin, but using the more traditional popover method of melting the butter first in the tin so when you add the batter, they get an added boost. These bake tall and are more custardy and stretchy than a muffin.

This particular recipe uses shredded cheddar cheese, cayenne, and green onions for it’s flavoring, but really you can use whatever cheese and herbs you have on hand.

I made 1/3 of the recipe since we didn’t need a dozen haha and it says they need to be eaten out of the oven. We found these to be interesting, but I am gathering we might not be popover fans. They were just ok and not something we would crave.

Fun…but I don’t see myself making these again.

5 thoughts on “Cheese Puffers

  1. I had the same reaction you did to these. They look pretty though! These are much denser and greasier than a traditional popover. Don’t give up on trying a traditional popover recipe sometime.

  2. Well, even though you didn’t really find them all that great, they do look very nice and I love all that cheesy goodness just sitting there waiting for me to take a bite. Your photo of them is lovely.

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