English Muffins

My husband said, “Thomas has nothing on you” haha!! I am thinking…best kind of compliment in this circumstance!

I have been baking a long time with this group. Back when we were using the cookbook, Baking With Julia, we baked all kinds of bread…loaves, croissants, pita, bagels…but surprisingly, we never made English Muffins. This was a new one to me. I have never attempted them…or thought to quite frankly…but oh has that changed.

These were so delicious…how could we ever buy store bought again?!!

They do take a while…it is a day project or at least an overnight project. I think it is one of those that is worth it. None of it was hard, just some planning involved.

I started in the morning with making the dough and allowing the first rise on the counter. After an hour, the dough is collapsed and then put in the fridge for a minimum of three hours for the second rise. (This is where an overnight could take place). When you are ready to proceed, the dough is brought out, collapsed, and portioned into 12 sections. Each getting rolled into a ball and pressed down on some cornmeal. This is the third and final rise…taking 40 min. Because we were just going to have them as a mid-afternoon snack, I wasn’t worried about time. The finished product would be ready for breakfast the next day.

Baking the muffins is very similar to making pancakes…used my same griddle…coating the pan with butter you pop them cornmeal side down and give them a good push with the spatula. They are left alone to cook…I went more by look than time as the golden bottom showed they were ready to be turned. Same on the other side. Since they don’t really spread, I did six at a time and was done in no time.

Since they are meant to be slightly under baked, once they have cooled, you use a fork to prick around the center. Then using your fingers your pull the sides a part and pop them in the toaster to get the classic browned English muffin.

I am amazed at how easy these were and wonder how I have never tried making them. They were delicious! I would have no problem making these and freezing them for when we want to have one. Everyone loved these!

This is a keeper for sure!

7 thoughts on “English Muffins

  1. They are definitely, a keeper. You can have them fresh in the morning with the over night proof. I take one just out of the screen

  2. Your english muffins look delicious! They were a big hit in my house as well. I will definitely be making these again soon and keeping them in the freezer so we can have them for breakfast whenever we want (in place of the store bought ones we usually have in the freezer)

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