Coco-Almond Thumbprints

I knew these would be a hit with my coconut loving family…and the fact they are said to be similar to an Almond Joy…I knew most certainly!!

The cookies are very simple with only four main ingredients: almonds, coconut, sugar, and egg whites…really just a macaroon. Made in a food processor, the cookies retain some of the almond bits since sliced almond are used rather than almond flour. The dough comes together really easily.

I can’t remember ever making thumbprint cookies…probably because they are usually filled with jam and not always a favorite around here…but chocolate filled, is another matter entirely haha. It does take a bit of practice getting the ball and indent uniform, but once you figure out a process, there is really nothing to it. The cookies get popped in the oven and baked.

While the cookies cool, you make a chocolate ganache to fill them. I was questioning myself as I made the cookies, if I was making too big of an indent, but I pretty much used up the chocolate we made so I think my ratios were good!

As I suspected, these were an absolute hit with my family. So funny how both my kids got my husband’s love of coconut 😳…my soon to be daughter-in-law loves it too…so it’s just me and our son-in-law who are odd man out. We are just not a fan but hey, so glad the others love it!

This one is a keeper!

7 thoughts on “Coco-Almond Thumbprints

  1. Your ratios and your cookies look perfect. I like the color of yours…I wasn’t sure how much color to try for and I really like yours so I’m going for that next time. Easiest recipe ever! The guys here, too, loved the combination of chocolate, almonds, and coconut…the Almond Joy bars in the Halloween Candy mix are always the first to go!

    • Ha ha our families sound very similar! BTW I was finally able to leave a comment on your blog. Cakelaw helped me with a tip that worked for her. She leaves off her blog site so I tried it as well and it worked! YAY!

  2. I didn’t really look at the recipe for these yet, but seeing everyone’s (I seem to be the only one who made the shortbread), I keep thinking I that I hope they taste like an Almond Joy. Haha. Your’s look delish!

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