Miso-Maple Loaf

We have exciting news here!

Today, October 19, is release day for author Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook entitled Baking with Dorie, Sweet, Salty, & Simple. This will be the 5th cookbook we, as a baking group (since I have joined), will be baking our way through…recipe by recipe!

I began this baking journey back in 2012, joining the baking group “Tuesdays with Dorie”. At that time we were just starting her latest cookbook which was Baking with Julia. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of baking your way through a cookbook…not just picking the recipes you think you or your family would like. Not only has this become a great hobby and passion of mine, but it has opened my family and friends minds as well to just give something a try!

So for the last 9 years I have baked/cooked/blogged my way through two complete cookbooks of Dories, Baking with Julia and Baking Chez Moi. I have done this with friends around the world that have come together all with the same purpose to bake, create, and share this wonderful experience together. We are currently baking/cooking/blogging our way through two other of Dorie’s cookbooks, Everday Dorie and Dorie’s Cookies. This newest book, Baking with Dorie, Sweet, Salty, & Simple will be added to our baking schedule. It will be a little busy with 6 recipes a month until we finish Dorie’s Cookies, but that won’t be for long.

To kick off the new cookbook today, we all baked Miso-Maple Loaf.

At first glance, before I started this baking group I would have looked at that recipe and possibly moved on. Sounds like a odd combination but, I have grown to trust Dorie and her recipes! This is how she describes this loaf.

Sturdy, course-crumbed and on the brink of savory.

…that the miso and maple are less of a stand out flavor and more like team players. The loaf otherwise is pretty standard…flour, sugar, eggs, butter, buttermilk, orange zest but it is the combination of them all that creates something new and different. The loaf is mixed together and baked for 55 min…rested and topped with an apricot glaze if so desired. I added the glaze and was glad I did as many of my tasters commented on that part as being a favorite.

The loaf smelled delicious, and tasted even better. Everyone loved how moist and flavorful this was even though it was hard to pinpoint why. We all thought the orange flavor was the strongest coming through, but was mixed up with some mystery as the miso and maple played together. Just as Dorie said, not in the forefront but more of team players.

This was a great kickoff recipe…easy, intriguing, and loved by all. So excited to begin a new cookbook!

This one is a keeper!

15 thoughts on “Miso-Maple Loaf

  1. Like you, I would have looked at the recipe and moved on or started to figure out how I could keep all the orange and maple syrup and ditch the miso part…so happy I did not do that as it was just perfect the way it was written. Your photo of it is just beautiful. It looks so inviting.

  2. Your cake looks delicious. I agree, it was a mystery to me what the flavors were that were coming through and how the crumb came out so lovely. But, it was a great cake.

  3. Love the blog name. And I ask it each time as well. Your loaf is such a lovely orange color. The citrus in this one was perfect.

  4. Your cake looks amazing! It definitely is a keeper. Here’s a bizarre tip for commenting on Kayte’s blog – I left out my website address and it worked! Maybe it would work for you as well. My blog is crazy – I don’t know why it won’t let you comment.

    • OMgosh I just tried your trick on Kayte’s blog and it worked! Thank you for sharing that with me! I tried the same thing on yours so we shall see if that worked for you as well. If not, I said I loved your idea of using a chocolate chip. 🙂

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