Cherry-Nut Chocolate Pinwheels

We are told these cookies look dainty, but have a bit of heft and enough chew to satisfy the monster variety of cookie lovers. The recipe uses the “Do-Almost-Anything Chocolate Dough” which claims to be delectable, easy, and a pleasure to work with.

The dough is a traditional mixture of flour, cocoa, butter, sugar, salt, egg whites, and vanilla. It mixes up really easily, and after tasting the final product I would concur it is delicious…but the “pleasure to work with” I would have a different opinion. 😳

I mixed the dough up and got it rolled out easy enough. It gets popped in the freezer for at least an hour. Meanwhile you make the filling which is made up of dried cherries, finely chopped walnuts, sugar, and water. You simmer the mixture, reducing to a thick spread.

After cooling to room temperature, the fruit filling is spread on the chilled dough. This is where the problems began. We are told to wait a few minutes until you can roll the dough without cracking…well that is a problem because as you wait giving it a try, the dough softens and you no longer have cracking but now you have a softened mess. Ugh. I put the whole thing back in the freezer to harden it up a bit and I was already telling myself these might be a one time deal cookie haha 😂.

I got the thing rolled up, feeling like a sushi chef the way I had to do it…using the parchment paper it was rolled on, as a roller. It worked. I wrapped it up in the parchment and giving that it said to freeze for a minimum of one hour and the trouble I had, I decided to leave it over night

Fast forward to next morning and I figured I would have no problem cutting the dough into rounds. 😳 Not exactly. I even used my sharpest knife and these things were cracking…every last one of them…so after I cut, I had to kind of re-form them on the cookie sheet. It was then, I was thinking this is for sure the last time I am making these hahaha! 😂😂

They get dusted with sanding sugar and popped in the oven. After all that had gone on, I was pretty proud of the pinwheel I got.

The cookies are then given some melted white chocolate drizzled on top to finish them.

As I handed them out to all my tasters…I made it clear…enjoy these, because they probably won’t be made again. 😂 Everyone loved these, which made it even funnier for all the effort that went into producing them.

Final verdict…they are a keeper based on taste, but I don’t think I will be making them again 😂🤷‍♀️

6 thoughts on “Cherry-Nut Chocolate Pinwheels

  1. I always struggle with cookies (or pie crusts) that need to be putzed with after being frozen. It never works out easily! I’m glad everyone loved them!

  2. Sorry these were so difficult for you. I had a bit of trouble but not a lot. Glad they enjoyed them though for all the effort. Given all the books we are doing no recipe will be repeated. Ha ha.

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