Chocolate and Walnut Bars

These bars are based on a memory of a torte Dorie had in Rome. They have the dry, sponge texture found in European cakes along with a walnut flavor studded with chocolate chunks and nuts.

We are warned there is a fair amount of work and bowls required in this bake, but that we will be rewarded at the end. It does make a decent amount, so there was plenty to share and all of my tasters love when that happens! 😍

The bars are made from ground walnuts, flour, butter, sugar…and many eggs! Eight yolks go into the mixture and 8 whites whipped up and folded ever so gently into the batter…after the melted chocolate, chopped chocolate and a small amount of chopped nuts are mixed in. I am always nervous when “gently folding” but I got a good rise and spongy texture so I am guessing I had a soft enough hand. Yay! 😂

After baking, the torte is unmolded and turned upside down onto a cooling rack leaving the smooth bottom as the top as it will be nicer for glazing. While that cools, we prepare a chocolate glaze made from heavy cream, more chocolate, sugar, and water. The top is iced and then set in the fridge to chill for a min of 30 min to set the chocolate top.

The torte is sliced and cut into bars as you need them, but I cut the whole thing up and set off delivering to family and my good friend.

The reactions were all positive..everyone loved them..and loved the texture with the finely chopped walnuts in the bars. My husband thought they would be perfect with coffee in the morning which I am sure he is saving his second piece for exactly that tomorrow haha.

I had an end piece so maybe that is why, but I was surprised that these didn’t seem overly rich or too chocolatey. You would certainly think so with chocolate on top…and also melted and chopped in the batter. I was thinking more like a brownie, but this was something else. Definitely more light and “spongey”. It was a nice surprise and worth the work.

This one is a keeper!

5 thoughts on “Chocolate and Walnut Bars

  1. Yes, I was expecting a brownie but this is definitely not a brownie. I didn’t read the recipe ahead (bad Cakelaw), so drew in breath when I saw the number of eggs – and I only made a quarter batch! They were delicious though.

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