The name Rousquilles means “little wheels” which is appropriate for these white glazed ring cookies that are popular in Barcelona and also the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Traditionally they are flavored with anise seeds and orange flower water which Dorie tells us can be divisive. We are given the option of making them in a more plain version without the seeds and then milk, instead of the orange flower water…which I did.

The dough, which is pretty simple consisting of flour, confectioners sugar, butter, egg yolk, milk, and honey, is prepared in a food processor and then rolled between parchment paper. We were to use two circle cookie cutters…mine ended up being a glass and and the top of a spice bottle haha! It worked. 🤷‍♀️. The rings can be any size, ranging from small to large. I think mine were on the bigger side since I only got about 15 cookies instead of the 30 the recipe suggested.

After these cook, they are to be iced with a cooked version of a glaze. I had heard from my fellow bakers this is tricky since you don’t have much liquid to work with and just not necessary when there are easier ways to accomplish the same thing. I ended up using the recipe I have from my Grandma for an icing we would use for her sugar cookies. I love that when I looked it up on her handwritten recipe card, she called it “Ornamental Frosting”. I miss her and know she would have loved to have followed this baking journey I have been on. 😍

So, the verdict on these cookies is that they are delicious…simple and perfectly sweet. My husband thought they reminded him of a graham cracker in flavor…and I have to agree…(specifically these big dinosaur shaped cookies I remember from when the kids were young. Anyone else remember those?!! 🤦‍♀️ ) These have just enough flavor and sweetness to keep calling you back for another. The only think I would do differently next time, would be cutting them in another shape. I know not quite the right thing to say since they are called “little wheels” but just plain circles or any shape would taste perfect and not be quite so labor intensive with the double cutout.

We loved these! They are a keeper!


7 thoughts on “Rousquilles

  1. Your cookies look great. Mine looked not at all like the photo because the holes were too big but I didn’t have a smaller cutter. Thanks for letting me know about trying to leave comments on my blog – I have had other people tell me the same. It must be a setting of some kind, but if I take off moderation, I automatically get all sorts of spam.

    • I wasn’t sure before if my comments were going to moderation since I didn’t see it post, but I checked back and didn’t see any of them. 😳. Just wanted you to know I have been trying!

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