Torta Sbrisolona

Torta Sbrisolona is a traditional cookie that has been around since the Renaissance. Translated from Italian, it means “crumbly cake” but most people think of it as a cookie.

It is “struesel like”, but made with almond flour, corn meal, and chopped almonds..along with flour, sugar, egg yolk, cinnamon, and butter. It is crunchy, sweet enough, and dry the way biscotti is. I had a feeling this would be a hit for us.

Interestingly, in the making of the cookie you make the dough in a food processor and mix only until you have “wet sand”. We are told to drop the dough by squeezed streusel-like morsels. Then, I listened when I read the next instruction…

When all the dough is in, pat it down gently-“gently” bring the important word. You don’t want to crush the clumps, you just want to start them on the road to sticking together.

So I listened.

It sounded like I barely press down and then I was thinking maybe the butter melts it down to make more of a bar. 🤷‍♀️

The torta gets baked for about 35 min at 325. I could tell right away I was in trouble as my “streusel morsels” were in the same spot as I placed them haha. There was no turning the block out onto a rack…more like dumping it onto a cutting board. Gosh it looked like a mess.

I tried one, and it tasted great…so phew…but what a mess. I left them cooling on the counter. My husband told me he walked by and thought I ran to the store to get more ingredients because it didn’t look done haha. We had a good laugh over the whole thing. Needless to say, they were delicious and if I made them again I will most definitely press harder to make bars!!

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