Sour Cream-Everything Seed Knots

I have to admit, I think I made a mistake on these.

I read the intro on this recipe…Dorie tells us these cookies give the everything bagel a run for it’s money. I was like ha…instead of making the seed mix, I would just use the “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning from Trader Joe’s. Sounds brilliant right?

I was thinking these would be a breeze to make…the dough is half of the mixture we made for the Sugar Pufflets but instead of embedding sugar with every roll, fold, and turn…we use the seasoning making this a savory cookie rather than a sweet one.

I made these the same day as the sweet version so it was a fun comparison to try them in a side by side tasting.

Here is where I had a problem…they were very salty. It wasn’t bad that I used the seasoning, I would probably do it again but much, much less. They smelled great baking and tasted good but for me too salty. My husband loved them but not sure how 😂😂.

That is what I get for going with a shortcut haha. Bummer.

2 thoughts on “Sour Cream-Everything Seed Knots

  1. We did the same shortcut, ha ha. My husband said they were salty but I thought it was the garlic that was strong. I am glad that this puff pastry challenge is behind us.

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