Green Goddess Sipper, Soup, or Shots

First decision when making this recipe would be…will it be a cold soup, on the rocks as a sipper, or in shot glasses as a quick refresher?

We went with the cold soup. I can’t say I was too excited about cold soup BUT, I wasnt excited about the Green as Spring soup we made, and besides the shrimp tacos, it is probably my most used recipe from this cookbook…so we were all keeping an open mind.

This recipe actually has two recipes in one. We first need to made the Demi-Goddess Dressing which consists of buttermilk, Greek yogurt, white balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, avocado, Persian cucumber, garlic, basil, and green scallions. This is chilled for a minimum of an hour. I remember eating Green Goddess dressing growing up and liking it so I was intrigued.

The second part of the recipe is the soup. The base is the Green Goddess dressing we just made along with more buttermilk, yogurt, basil, lemon juice, and cucumber…then also a zucchini. The whole thing is blended together and then chilled for a minimum of four hours. At that point you pour it in bowls for soup…over ice with a straw for a sipper…or if you want something in-between, pour it into a shot glass.

I am not sure what to say about this soup other than it was super tangy…too tangy. We tried a couple of bites but it just wasn’t something you could keep eating straight out of the bowl. My husband ended up dipping bread into it and thought that was better. We liked the flavor, but it was too intense and thought it might be better as a dip or topping on chicken maybe.

So, while I wouldnt say it was a success, or a keeper, it was fun and interesting to try. It certainly won’t take the place of the Green as Spring soup haha. I will be curious to see what the other bakers thought.

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