Natasha’s Mum’s Fruit and Walnut Bread Bars

These bars are a hand-me-down recipe given to Dorie…originating from a friend of hers in Australia. The bars are highly adaptable in that you can use whatever combo of dried fruit that sounds good. The interesting thing is that they are not bread and contain no egg yolks or oil or butter. 😳

Despite their name, these bars are not bread at all, although they are slightly firm. They’re rich-it’s all those walnuts and dried fruit, which also make the bars a little chewy and give them so much flavor

The base of these bars is really a meringue…egg whites and sugar whipped up to glossy peaks. The flour, nuts, and dried fruit are ever so carefully stirred in…mindful you don’t deflate the whites more than is necessary.

Because we like almonds more than walnuts, I subbed those in and chose the dried apricots and crystallized ginger as Dorie suggested. I guess I had never tasted crystallized ginger before as I tasted a piece before baking and wow! That will leave a zing on your tongue…especially if you are expecting it to be sweet…as I was haha.

The batter is smoothed into an 8×8 and baked for about 30 min giving it an ivory color and the look of nougat.

I am sensing a theme with my family…we are not big fruit and nut bars lovers 😳🤷‍♀️…none of us liked these and in fact many of us said it might be one of our least favorite I have made.


…my good friend…daily walking buddy…and taster from the beginning reported back her family absolutely loved them!! So funny! So…that tells me it is my family and not the recipe haha. I sent the extras up to her family and they were overjoyed. Win-win!

So, not a keeper with my family but that is just us haha.

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